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Mr. Sic #2

Broken Lizard’s Club Dread Where do I start? Well Broken Lizard is the amazingly funny comedy troop that’s responsible for the movie Sooper Troopers. Club Dread is them at doing yet another adult oriented comedy flick with a twist of horror thrown in. Right from the start one can automaticly see that this is going to be another “slasher” flick, but it’s purposely ment to be funny. Yeah the acting was pretty good, but I had a bit of trouble forgetting about all of Lizard’s Sooper Trooper roles. On top of starring Lizard, Club Dread also had Bill Paxton as Coconut Pete, who is an old musician from the late 70’s that wrote acid trip songs that make little sense but add more comedy to the already funny movie. Also dread has Brittany Daniel, who we recongnize as the chick from Joe Dirt, you know the one that was in love with him the whole time? Yeah you know you saw it too, but yeah she was hot, and yeah she’s hot in this too. Uh, well like I said before, the movie pretty much moves like the standard slasher flick, having the audiance sitting there trying to guess who’s killing everybody, and all these characters taht are on screen all suspect eachother, and then you suspect some other people, you know the ones that act all suspicious and then try to play off that nothing’s wrong? Well yeah but in the end you find out who the killer really is, and I have to say it was one helluva twist. I was impressed with it, because I really didn’t expect it. The directing of the movie was pretty good, nothing to fancy, which I guess could be said for the special effects too. Everything seemed to not be way over the top like Freddy vs. Jason, which I think is pretty cool. The special effects, were pretty much just blood splatter here and there, and then some neat little tricks(where you can tell most of the spec. budget went) which when is all put together was damn cool. For those of you that are able to get to this movie, go see it, because it’s a nice little comedy that does wonders for the mental stresses. In the theatres now we see mostly serious movies, and well, Club Dread is a nice departure from that.

p.s. Hey Jobe, let's see some shit from you now.

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